China Technology: McLovin Quadband Dual SIM with Keyboard

McLovin Quadband Dual SIM China Cell Phone with Keyboard

China Technology

The McLovin, a china mobile phone that has everything todays power user demands from their cellphone including dual SIM, QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, large 3.2 inch touch display, unlocked, and works everywhere in the world – you will be McLovin it!

This tasty china mobile gives you one of the best user experiences you have ever had from a quad-band worldphone. Navigate icon menus using your finger like you would with an iPhone and then type messages and emails to your friends and colleagues using the sliding QWERTY keyboard just like on a Nokia N97. With 15 languages to choose from, you can be sending a text message to your friend in Paris saying “bon jour”, a message to your cousin in St Petersburg saying “добрый день”, and a message to your business associate in Sao Paulo saying “boa noite”

A smartphone in every sense of the word! The design philosophy behind the McLovin is Innovation Intelligence. In practical terms this means adapting the best technologies from today’s hottest cellphones and incorporating it into one china mobile phone with the ability to power its owner to new heights! Imagine one phone that can do all this;

– Surf the internet (wifi)

– Keep in touch with your home and work contacts (dual-sim)

– Travel the world (quad band GSM)

– Capture photos and videos (picture and video camera)

– Type text messages and email (QWERTY keyboard)

– Play tons of games (Java)

– Listen to the radio or watch TV (FM and analog TV receiver)

– Read eBooks (PDF, DOC, and TXT readers)

– And so much more…

The McLovin embodies the functional core excellence of mobile communication demanded from todays high performance handy cell phones along with the extra media features today’s power users like college students and mobile professionals prefer from their unlocked GSM cellphone. In practical terms, the McLovin is a China Mobile Phone that does everything the “name brand” phones does, but comes with a low China Wholesale Price.

So if you are in the market for an unlocked, full-featured, worldphone for work or play, then the McLovin is the phone for you! As a matter of fact, if Batman owned a cell phone it would no doubt be the McLovin. Don’t wait, order your samples today to see how good this China Mobile is for yourself. You and your customers are going to simply love the McLovin!

At a Glance…

  • 3.2 inch Touchscreen
  • WiFi
  • Quad Band
  • Dual SIM w/ Dual Standby
  • Unlocked
  • Radio and TV
  • Plenty of built-in apps like Facebook, Ebuddy, Yahoo Messenger, Google Maps, Opera Mini Web Browser and Java Games
  • Interactive icon menus
  • Plays all your favorite digital media files (ebooks, pictures, audio and video)
  • Sliding + tiltable QWERTY keyboard
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